• Hope



    "Hope" tells the Story of a little boy, who is condemned to spend the time he has left in a prisoners' camp. The memories of his mother are the only thing keeping him alive.

  • Anna



    November 1815. An enslaved woman named Anna is sold away from her family in Maryland to slave traders, taken to Washington, D.C., and locked in a tavern 'garret.' She is about to be sent to Georgia and separated from her husband and children. Desperate and trapped, she makes a decision that chang...

  • There is a Man in The Woods

    There Is a Man in the Woods (Jacob Streilein) – An elementary school teacher struggles to contain a rumor frightening the students in his class.

  • NORA

    The last of a secret element was stolen from the old city. A pair of hot-shot pilots are sent to retrieve it but they are forced into becoming the unwilling heroes once the secret of the element is revealed to them.