Black AF : Hip Hop Festival

Black AF : Hip Hop Festival

The Hip Hop Film Festival presents - BLACK STORIES THAT MATTER.
The best directors from the culture bring you stories highlighting the politics, pain and joy of Black life.

Black AF : Hip Hop Festival
  • Ello

    After Lionel M. Macauley’s passing, Producer Shanice Danielle takes Lionel’s EP project Ello. Creating a film filled with Love & hard current Social issues, in Lionel’s unique spoken word style mixed with Hip-Hop.

  • Black is Black

    Black is Black is a short film sparking a much-needed conversation about colorism, a large issue within the black community, as well as many other communities.

  • Where's my White Privilege?

    A white man loses his white privilege for a day and complains about it to his black girlfriend.

  • Volte-Face

    Is it science or revenge? A young African American neuroscientist kidnaps a man she believes killed her mentor so she can conduct an experiment on him to cure H.A.T.E. (HyperActive Temperamental Extremeness).

  • It's Snowing in the Summer

    A thirtieth birthday forces two friends to wrestle with differing realities of the Black Harlem experience.

  • The Expats International

    THE EXPATS: INTERNATIONAL INGRAMS chronicles the international adventures and struggles of a black American family living and learning abroad. The edutainment program consists of 20 family-friendly episodes that break stereotypes and normalizes positive images of black people in global spaces; a...

  • The Blue Cave

    As a troubled boy from the South Side of Chicago struggles to escape brutal violence from his stepfather and the local gang, he discovers a magical blue cave.

  • Beaten But Not Broken

    Two young black adults confront police brutality head on as they fight for their lives against a common threat.

  • In Between

    Written by an incarcerated student, Lisa (biracial) explores a time in her younger life when she had to wrestle with what it meant to be black - what if things went different then?

  • All By Design

    An ambitious and talented teenager, Karol, wants to accomplish what only 4% of Americans have been able to do and fights to gain her protective mother’s approval.

  • Blue Line

    A black man is assaulted by police; a police officer is fired and tells her story to a news reporter.

  • Tribe

    Akilah Divine sends a message to wake up the masses.

  • Protest - Justice For George Floyd

    An encapsulated depiction of the energy surrounding social justice in honor of life of George Floyd.

  • Black Privilege. White Power.

    After graduating high school, a young Smith College student joins up with an activist group to fight for civil rights in the Jim Crow era South and ends up taking part in one of the great protest movements in American history, inspiring her peers and strangers along the way.

  • Dancing With GeNie

    GeNie Baffoe is a hip-hop dancer based in Winnipeg, Canada. This is his story.

  • Love Me

    Artist, Keith Phelps portrays pivotal moments in black American history demonstrating how little has changed for African American people in America over the years.

  • Duvar

    When a black man in Mesquite,Texas discovers his 4 month old not breathing; he struggles to save her life while the criminal justice system threatens his own.

  • Owners

    A 30-something black man is fed up being a minority in the office, he decides to become an owner. But that decision thrusts his world into chaos. Nothing will be the same.

  • Our Harlem

    In the midst of the opioid epidemic in a gentrified Harlem, a Black man seeks redemption through the teachings of the Five Percenters to maneuver through the shadows of his haunting past.

  • A Galaxy Sits In The Cracks

  • January 14th

    A young couple’s anniversary takes a bittersweet turn when a police officer pulls the husband over on a questionable traffic stop. Inspired by true events.

  • An Occurrence At Arverne

    A man arrives at an unknown home with an unknown agenda.

  • After the Lockdown

    Director Charles Burnett tackles COVID-19 with members of Black Hollywood discussing why they refuse to be vulnerable.

  • After The LockDown Music Video

    Socially relevant music video on the impact of COVID-19 on Black America.