Dramatic AF : Hip Hop Film Festival

Dramatic AF : Hip Hop Film Festival

Dramatic AF : Hip Hop Film Festival
  • Eggshells

    Phoebe’s feelings of abandonment made her seek comfort in the arms of another man; can her marriage to Hunter withstand the test of time or will she lose it all because of one bad mistake.

  • Concrete Rose

    Marcus a recently released Ex con has difficulties integrating back into his ever-changing community. He quickly becomes enticed to return to his old life but meets an older woman who welcomes him to work in a garden where he finds redemption and peace.

  • Khadijah

    When a destitute young woman stumbles upon a mosque one day, the leader of the establishment invites her to learn more about the faith. After falling for him, she converts to Islam and accepts his marriage proposal; but when things begin to go awry, she desperately questions if she can preserve t...

  • After Forever

    In what seemed like the perfect marriage, everything comes crashing down for Kelis and Dante when their commitment to one another is tested.

  • Dream State

    Two siblings trying to cope with the recent death of their father.

  • Sustenance

    When Love Calms Anxiety

  • Why Am I Here?

    A young woman finds herself at a crossroad of daring to pursue her dreams or accept the comforts of security as she searches for an opportunity to propel her to the next level.

  • Grist

    Hannah ends a years-long on-again, off-again "situationship" with Roman due to irreconcilable world views that have potentially serious ramifications. But it wasn't "all a wash."

  • The Sweetest Girl

    A loving marriage of 25 years comes to a deadly end when a husband is compelled to tell his wife his most heart shattering secret on her death.

  • Safe Spaces

    As a man moves from one aspect of his life to another, there is little comfort, success or anything positive or self-affirming to be found. His life comes to be plagued by failure in marriage, his professional life, and things come to a head further when he lands himself in an accident that chang...

  • Too Late

    A mothers worst nightmare is brought forth when a father does the unthinkable.

  • Chocolate

    17-year-old Jordan has grown up his whole life without a father. When his elusive uncle comes to visit for the weekend for the first time in years, the balance that Jordan's mum has strived to maintain at home starts to turn to chaos.

  • The Zone

    Two friends challenge each other on the art of breaking up for men versus women as one navigates the end of her relationship and possibly-- the friendship as well.

  • Low Key

    An unfulfilled salesman and his eccentric streetwise manager must come together to navigate the shadowy musical underground of Dallas for a chance at a record deal.

  • Proud Dad

    A family tragedy forces a father to evaluate his relationship with his estranged son and open his heart to accept him for who he is. From Project ALY-Real Stories of LGBTQ Family Acceptance.

  • A Monster

    James Morris has a secret he’s kept intact since he was 18. Now 33, his secret is dying to come out. With no one left to turn to, James fears he will succumb to his inner demon.

  • The Process

    Sindile and his two best friends push the limits of their patience while maneuvering through their hometown and its local rap scene.

  • It Happened One Night

  • Americanized

    A high school basketball player struggles to find acceptance on and off the court.

  • Mickey Hardaway

    A Young Sketch Artist visits a well renowned psychiatrist as his life begins sprawling out of control.