Funny AF : Hip Hop Film Festival

Funny AF : Hip Hop Film Festival

Funny AF : Hip Hop Film Festival
  • Gratitude

    A comedy about appreciating what you have whether you are single, in a relationship or it's complicated.

  • Love in the Matrix

    A couple is forced to face reality when their mobile devices run out of battery.

  • The Morning After

    A night of two exes reconnecting goes from them taking shots with each other to taking shots at each other.

  • Insecurity

    Nate and Jake are rent-a-cop duo, who are completely clowned by the entire school. Finally they get a chance to be the heroes they dream of, they get a hip-hop twist, dissed by a perp, and a battle with dirty cops. Most of us are insecure… Nate and Jake are In-Security.


    A fight releases underlying feelings about Koko's roots and pushes the teen to fly to her mother's hometown Osaka Japan where she crashes head-first into her ultra conservative uncle!

  • Fk'd Up & Fabulous

    When life goes from Fk'd Up to fabulous and vice versa in a New York minute, it's best to have your sista's at your side.

  • Period

    Twelve year old Vivian is counting the days to her first period. But armed with scant information (it's the 80's!) and the help of only her single dad and best male buddy, she finds that navigating "the event" is totally more complex and comedic than expected.

  • Shiney

    Desperate to fit in, two impressionable kids hatch a plan to purchase their first packet of cigarettes whilst clinging to their prized possession - an impossible to get gold football sticker.

  • White Tears

    Cedric goes on a science-bending quest to end the white tears epidemic and bring uninterrupted Black joy to the world.

  • Catch A Girl

    With his elementary understanding of courtship, 11-year old, Darius meets up with friends that conspire to play a popular “predator vs. prey” childhood game, targeted to take advantage of girls.

  • Pressed

    When Carmen is peer pressured into a full makeover for her big date, she is unpleasantly surprised by her date's reaction.