In Our Time

In Our Time

21 Episodes

News And Politics From The LGBTQIA+ Perspective. Hosted by SIR SHEFIK.

In Our Time
  • Sir Shefik featuring Zaylore Stout, Esq.

    Episode 1

    Employment law attorney Zaylore Stout, Esq. sits with Sir Shefik to discuss Zaylore’s book “Our Gay History in Fifty States”. It is an educational and informative read that focuses on queer American history. Shefik spends time addressing different texts from the book that enlightens significant p...

  • Sir Shefik featuring CR Capers

    Episode 2

    News & Politics From The LGBTQIA+ Perspective. This week, SIR SHEFIK interviews CR Capers

  • Sir Shefik featuring Jason Stuart

    Episode 3

    News & Politics From The LGBTQIA+ Perspective

  • Sir Shefik featuring Joey Amato

    Episode 4

    News & Politics from the LGBTQIA+ perspective.

  • Sir Shefik featuring Matt Skallerud

    Episode 5

    News and Politics From the LGBTQIA+ Community

  • Sir Shefik featuring Tracy Rookard

    Episode 6

    News & Politics from the LGBTQIA+ perspective

  • Sir Shefik featuring Neal Bennington

    Episode 7

    News, Politics and Conversations From an LGBTQIA+ Perspective

  • Sir Shefik featuring Shelley Waite-Bey

    Episode 8

    News, Politics & Entertainment From the LGBTQIA+ Perspective

  • Sir Shefik featuring Dr. Christian Boyd

    Episode 9

    News, Politics & Interviews From The LGBTQIA+ Perspective.
    This week Sir Shefik interviews Dr. Christian Boyd

  • Sir Shefik featuring LáDeia Joyce

    Episode 10

    News, Politics and Interviews From the LGBTQIA+ Community

  • Sir Shefik featuring Christian John Wikane

    Episode 11

    Music essayist and Music Journalist, Christian John Wikane focuses on the world of music. He visits us to speak on his passion and current Youtube Series, Unscripted: Conversations w/ Christian John Wikane. Christian uses this Platform to interview some of the most famous artists and musicians to...

  • Sir Shefik featuring William Goldstein

    Episode 12

    In Entertainment, Shefik speaks on the commonality of artist, Lil Nas X and Madonna’s publicity kisses, after Lil Nas X goes viral once again in the media. The question arises, What are Lil Nas X intentions? Shefik also questions how Lil Nas X contributes to his community? Guest William Goldstein...

  • Sir Shefik featuring Andrew Park

    Episode 13

    Boys Scouts of America reached an 850 million dollar settlement on July 1st with over tens of thousands people who’ve claimed they were sexually abused as scouts, some even dating back to the 1960’s. Shefik questions what preventive measures will be taken to avoid situations like this in the futu...

  • Sir Shefik featuring Tym Moss

    Episode 14

    Entertainer, Tym Moss drops by and discusses his role in Bunk’d and some of his other films and musicals. Moss expresses the pressures of creating the musical with a smaller cast and crew. Tym Moss mentions the loneliness and overwhelming struggle of getting through his drug addiction after feeli...

  • Sir Shefik featuring Harry Itie

    Episode 15

    The company Hobby Lobby has officially lost an 11 year Legal fight for preventing a transgender employee from using the proper bathroom, even after working for the company for 23 years. Shefik shares his perspective and questions the loyalty companies tend to not share with their employees. In ou...

  • Sir Shefik featuring Shenita Cleveland

    Episode 16

    In the shocking news segment, two transgender women from Cameroon are held under arrest, and chained in their prison cell for crossdressing and being of the LGBTQ community. Shefik discusses his perspective on the horrible experience for the social media Cameroonian star. During our following seg...

  • Sir Shefik featuring Rowan VanGoda

    Episode 17

    In our first segment, we pay tribute to the late Sarah Dash. Sarah was well known for being an American Singer and Actress. Dash was a part of the trio music group, Labelle alongside her group mates Patti LaBelle, and Nona Hendryx. Shefik shares his gratitude for the star alongside some stories a...

  • Sir Shefik featuring Bella Levy

    Episode 18

    Guest Bella Levy, visits us to discuss her foundation The Bella Levy Foundation. The Bella Levy Foundation focuses on the prevention of Sex Trackficking. The foundation aims to provide support and resources in their efforts to stop human trade, as well as gain justice for some women and children ...

  • Sir Shefik featuring Mitch Weiss

    Episode 19

  • Sir Shefik featuring Raven O

    Episode 19

    News.Politics and Interviews From the LGBTQ+ Community

  • Sir Shefik featuring Emma Lynn Dowd

    Episode 21