Lit AF

Lit AF

The Hip Hop Film Festival presents - LIT STORIES.
The best directors from the culture bring you stories highlighting the joy of life and having a good time.

Lit AF
  • Beyond The Shadows

  • SlowBurn & The Muse

    Two songs, many years and one fruitful night tell the story of a singer/songwriter’s road to success.

  • Tik Tok Rollie

    How does human subconscious know what's real or fake? Can pain be the answer?

  • Nobody Trust Nobody

    Love “Nobody” like the one you trust, but “Trust Nobody” like the one you love.

  • Her, She

    She's Calypso and Jazz.

  • Opening Thought

    A surreal display of lyrical prose over a disruptive, jazz-infused instrumental, ’Kechi escapes the confines of reality to partake in (and televise) one of his own making.

  • How Ever Do You Want It

  • The Musical Adventures of Afro Banzai

    A group of culturally diverse teens each receives an invitation to a mystical music school where they take on various challenges to help unlock their hidden musical potential.

  • The Remedy

    “The Remedy” profiles two New Jersey based hip-hop artists, Freddy Salgado (Face Cadet), a self-taught musician and Ecuadorean immigrant, and Serenity AKATDB, a queer African-American woman who’s carved a career in a male-dominated genre while battling lupus and a turbulent family history.

  • Sonic Impact a History of Drum & Bass

    This is the story of Drum&Bass, an electronic music born in the UK. From the origins to nowadays, we will see how this underground sound succeeded to reach higher spheres and spreading everywhere in the world.

  • Opusxtravelxart

    Moe the Mos travels to North Miami to explore the rough and incredible creative journey of rapper Jadabreeze.

  • Young Roots, Deep Rhymes

    Priest Jones is a young emcee from North Minneapolis who released his debut album at the age of ten and has performed over 100 shows nationwide. His deep knowledge of hip-hop and dynamic belief in each persons potential, combine for a much needed voice in culture.

  • I Press

    A song that encourages audiences to celebrate the season they’re in right now. Acknowledging that I’m not the person I’m going to be, but I’m certainly not the man I used to be.

  • Resurrextion - Orphan Black feat. Anna Soares

    Orphan Black, an homage at tv series, part of a Resurrextion's EP. In the clip Anna Soares “dressed herself like 4 clone characters”: Sarah, Cosima, Helena, Allison.

  • Jahan Nostra Dedication feat. Tahmell & Reks

    Return to the Golden Era, Relive the Boom Bap and Experience Dedication.