Powerful AF

Powerful AF

The Hip Hop Film Festival presents - POWERFUL STORIES.
The best women directors from the culture bring you stories highlighting the politics, pain and joy of life.

Powerful AF
  • Khadijah

    When a destitute young woman stumbles upon a mosque one day, the leader of the establishment invites her to learn more about the faith. After falling for him, she converts to Islam and accepts his marriage proposal; but when things begin to go awry, she desperately questions if she can preserve t...

  • Dark Before Dawn

    While Hurricane Lilith taunts the Summers’ residence, Dawn, a younger girl with catastrophic gifts, is forced to calm a storm inside when her mother’s demons come knocking at the door.

  • Damsels

    Two young women discover they are dating the same vigilante after the crimefighter known as the Nightprowler goes missing.

  • Love in the Matrix

    A couple is forced to face reality when their mobile devices run out of battery.

  • Sustenance

    When Love Calms Anxiety

  • Why Am I Here?

    A young woman finds herself at a crossroad of daring to pursue her dreams or accept the comforts of security as she searches for an opportunity to propel her to the next level.

  • Grist

    Hannah ends a years-long on-again, off-again "situationship" with Roman due to irreconcilable world views that have potentially serious ramifications. But it wasn't "all a wash."

  • DNA Deceptive Negative Attitudes

    What path does Primo take after his queen pin mother and cartel boss father are killed? Follow him as he deals with his past, internal struggles, identity, and who to trust as he claims his throne in the concrete jungle.

  • Good People

    While adjusting to their new suburban neighborhood, a young couples seemingly good deed makes them the targets of some unknown terror

  • The Morning After

    A night of two exes reconnecting goes from them taking shots with each other to taking shots at each other.

  • Volte-Face

    Is it science or revenge? A young African American neuroscientist kidnaps a man she believes killed her mentor so she can conduct an experiment on him to cure H.A.T.E. (HyperActive Temperamental Extremeness).

  • Kojo

    Once upon a time, problem-child Kojo wanders too far away from his grandmother and is cast into a loony, late-night journey.

  • Her, She

    She's Calypso and Jazz.

  • Unconventional

    A documentary that showcases people of colour and immigrants in Los Angeles. Their journey to success inspires fellow artists to follow their dreams.

  • The Expats International

    THE EXPATS: INTERNATIONAL INGRAMS chronicles the international adventures and struggles of a black American family living and learning abroad. The edutainment program consists of 20 family-friendly episodes that break stereotypes and normalizes positive images of black people in global spaces; a...

  • Safe Spaces

    As a man moves from one aspect of his life to another, there is little comfort, success or anything positive or self-affirming to be found. His life comes to be plagued by failure in marriage, his professional life, and things come to a head further when he lands himself in an accident that chang...

  • La Vie En Rhonda

    A woman struggles with her decision of whether to get involved with a man a lot younger than her, but then takes the risk and gets involved anyway.

  • In Between

    Written by an incarcerated student, Lisa (biracial) explores a time in her younger life when she had to wrestle with what it meant to be black - what if things went different then?

  • All By Design

    An ambitious and talented teenager, Karol, wants to accomplish what only 4% of Americans have been able to do and fights to gain her protective mother’s approval.

  • 10 Years in 40 Seconds

    Three kids must adapt quickly and leave childish things behind to survive, when a zombie apocalypse makes its way to Atlanta.

  • Revolve

    During a pandemic, an online therapist counsels a young brooklyn couple unaware they’re struggling with multigenerational trauma.

  • Blue Laces

    After Kiki loses her brother to police brutality, she gains three sisters, but must ultimately decide if her newfound sisterhood is all it's cracked up to be.

  • The Zone

    Two friends challenge each other on the art of breaking up for men versus women as one navigates the end of her relationship and possibly-- the friendship as well.

  • Period

    Twelve year old Vivian is counting the days to her first period. But armed with scant information (it's the 80's!) and the help of only her single dad and best male buddy, she finds that navigating "the event" is totally more complex and comedic than expected.