Real AF

Real AF

The Hip Hop Film Festival presents - REAL STORIES THAT MATTER.
The best directors from the culture bring you stories highlighting the politics, pain and joy of life.

Real AF
  • I Am Already Free

    This is the true story of a Los Angeles homeless man celebrating a moment of great clarity with a song he wrote and recorded while living in his vehicle.

  • Xxvisible

    Created as a time capsule of the year 2020, xxVISIBLE chronicles an Asian American struggling with the pandemic and resultant rise of Anti-Asian sentiment and violence. The film gives an unwavering look at race, politics and identity through a unique BIPOC perspective.

  • The One With No Obstacles

    Ani Sanyal is the son of Indian immigrants. Entranced in the world of hip hop, real estate, and creative content, he built a multi-million dollar platform in his 20s and changed his family's trajectory forever. This is his story.

  • A Beautiful Struggle

    This documentary details Jonathan's life including his original trauma, through his various encounters with law enforcement, to his diagnosis of PTSD and bi-polar disorder. Jonathan has overcome many obstacles, and has displayed tremendous resilience to continue achieving success.

  • DiaTribe: From The Village to the Streets

    A narrative about a brief encounter between two men, one from West Africa, the other West L.A. who converged in Portland to develop a musical stage production chronicling the legacy of hip-hop by way of Africa.

  • And the Winner Is

    Sydney Davis finally wins the most prestigious award for best film director and while he thinks he has created more opportunities for Black filmmakers, his wife Tonya believes he may have compromised his morals and beliefs to secure the award.

  • A White Man Walks Into A Barbershop

    Taking A Little Bit Off The Top Of White Privilege

  • All Fruits Ripe

    Two sisters lose their mom to covid and subsequently face eviction.

  • Lagos Road

    Lagos Commercial drivers and commuters in dilemma as government endorsed hoodlums takes over Lagos Road.

  • Hip Hop Saved My Life - The Rockets

    Surviving the streets of West Dallas in the 80's and 90's a pop locking dance group was formed called the Rockets. The group consisted of four young men and an ambitious rapper named "Tre" better know as the D.O.C.

  • Quarantine

    COVID-19 brought the world to its grieving knees. But for one who survived, the virus wasn’t the scariest part of the pandemic.

  • Finally Focused

    Between the dream and the struggle, in this season of the Finally Focused series we turned our attention to 6 visionaries of color from NYC, LA, and ATL where they can openly discuss what it truly takes to get the perfect shot. We conceptualized this video series in order to disrupt mainstream vi...

  • Inner City Legend

    The pilot episode of the “What’s Your Hustle?” docu-series stars professional boxer Scrappy Ramirez. From a fateful training session with Freddie Roach to becoming Los Angeles’ pride, this is the story of the Inner City Legend.

  • Don't Look Down

    Rapper Homeboy Sandman trains for a death defying leap of faith. Is it better to be brave or alive?

  • Unconventional

    A documentary that showcases people of colour and immigrants in Los Angeles. Their journey to success inspires fellow artists to follow their dreams.

  • Tough Love

    When girls and sports became more important than my son's grades. I delivered a message he'll never forget. This is Tough Love!

  • Lil Estonia

    Something new is happening in Estonian music. A new wave. New characters. A new Estonia. Lil Estonia! An anatomy of a generation in Estonia.

  • La Vie En Rhonda

    A woman struggles with her decision of whether to get involved with a man a lot younger than her, but then takes the risk and gets involved anyway.

  • I Had To Change

    Rapper turned Activist details his 13 year cocaine battle and how he found redemption through sobriety.

  • Revolve

    During a pandemic, an online therapist counsels a young brooklyn couple unaware they’re struggling with multigenerational trauma.

  • Revolution from Afar

    Sudanese-American poets and musicians grapple with the question of belonging to Sudan during the country’s 2019 popular protests


    A genre-bending Sci-Fi Action screenplay about two newly minted Supers who team up with an Intergalactic Law Enforcement Officer to save Earth from a Super-powered Alien Criminal.