Romantic AF

Romantic AF

Romantic AF
  • Don't Be Desperate

    When an imaginative and anxious Broadway hopeful receives life-changing news, she is forced to confront her deepest desires and worst fears.

  • Unraptured

    Adira finds herself 'raptured' into the essence of the man she loves. She soon realizes that there is more to him than what meets the eye.

  • Save Yourself

    As imposter syndrome invades the dreams of this young couple's future, an untimely loss forces the end of a vicious cycle of becoming products of their environment.

  • Shawnie

    A couple's big night takes a turn as important truths are discovered.

  • Not Just A Phase

    A mother struggles with acceptance while praying for her runaway daughter’s safe return. Based on a series of true life stories shared by parents who overcame their challenges accepting their LGBTQ children.

  • Fruit Of Love

    When poetry, self-exploration, & betrayal intertwine, Fruit Of Love follows a poet who comes to grips with her sexuality after being betrayed by the person she loves. The story also explores the twists and turns of millennial relationships in New York City.