Scary AF

Scary AF

The Hip Hop Film Festival presents - SCARY STORIES.
The best directors from the culture bring you stories that are scary af

Scary AF
  • DNA Deceptive Negative Attitudes

    What path does Primo take after his queen pin mother and cartel boss father are killed? Follow him as he deals with his past, internal struggles, identity, and who to trust as he claims his throne in the concrete jungle.

  • Inexistent

    A woman’s addictive obsession with a married man leads to a devious plot with either a great satisfaction or grim consequences

  • Killer Date Night

    A deadly but optimistic contract killer goes on blind a date, hoping to find a love connection.

  • State of Mind

    A man is walking a thin line between lust and addiction. Both these paths will soon merge into one.

  • 10 Years in 40 Seconds

    Three kids must adapt quickly and leave childish things behind to survive, when a zombie apocalypse makes its way to Atlanta.

  • Mamma Don't Make Me

    Two New York City detectives attempt to put an end to a mother daughter crime spree.

  • Prey To God

    After a break up, Star embarks on a weekend getaway originally planned for her and her now-ex. As the day progresses, a series of events lead her to a reality that she could have never expected.

  • Good People

    While adjusting to their new suburban neighborhood, a young couples seemingly good deed makes them the targets of some unknown terror

  • Kojo

    Once upon a time, problem-child Kojo wanders too far away from his grandmother and is cast into a loony, late-night journey.

  • Selfie #VooDoo Challenge

    After gaining infamy from an appearance on a daytime talk show an out-of-control teenager participates in a social media challenge where people have gone missing.