Sci-Fi AF

Sci-Fi AF

The Hip Hop Film Festival presents - Sci-Fi STORIES.
The best directors from the culture bring you stories highlighting the obscure, mysterious, supernatural side of things

Sci-Fi AF
  • Unraptured

    Adira finds herself 'raptured' into the essence of the man she loves. She soon realizes that there is more to him than what meets the eye.

  • Wounds

    Feeling responsible for the disappearance of his sister after a falling-out, a depressed man tries to overcome his demons.

  • Bellator

    Emerging from pandemic lockdown, an unemployed DC bartender attempts a return to the gym to escape his video game obsession, but struggles to stay focused along the way.

  • The Blue Cave

    As a troubled boy from the South Side of Chicago struggles to escape brutal violence from his stepfather and the local gang, he discovers a magical blue cave.

  • Dark Before Dawn

    While Hurricane Lilith taunts the Summers’ residence, Dawn, a younger girl with catastrophic gifts, is forced to calm a storm inside when her mother’s demons come knocking at the door.

  • Fabric Softener

    While on a hike, two friends stumble upon an item that takes one of them on a strange journey.

  • Nia's Shadow

    A young woman with superhuman powers confronts a childhood friend who chooses to use his powers for evil.

  • Damsels

    Two young women discover they are dating the same vigilante after the crimefighter known as the Nightprowler goes missing.

  • Fade

    When Myles inherits a watch that gives him the power to teleport, he begins to discover the mystery behind his father’s untimely death.

  • New Generation

    Hip Hop has taken over our planet, now the question remains who will bring Hip Hop to other worlds?. Hip Hop Royalty sets out on a quest to bring our origins to new galactic frontiers.

  • The Cage

    After refusing a draft during wartime, Mordecai Washington is faced with an ultimatum that will determine his freedom and his sanity.

  • Take Me

    When someone finds a chair that can take them anywhere, they search for a way to change fate.

  • Flick

    A reclusive college student is driven mad after picking a booger he can’t flick away.

  • Wasteland

    Years after a planetary event nearly wipes out all life, survivors have grouped up in camps for survival, fighting over limited resources.