The 24/7 Mixtape

  • The King & I : An MLK Retrospective

    The MadMen discuss the most impactful speeches and lessons they learned from Martin Luther The King over their lifetimes.

  • Pas Hontuex


    A dark comedy where social expectations meets willful stupidity. It's "Friday" meets French Nouveau.

  • The Golden Record

    Taino, an eager extraterrestrial, embarks on a personal journey with his doubting best friend to find his lost family.

  • The Tree Of Lost Souls

    A little girl battles depression after the loss of her father.

  • On The Floor

    After his first major tour, a strung out SoundCloud rapper retreats to an isolated treehouse, where he is visited by the three people closest to him.

  • The Black Baptism

    Informed by a mysterious voice, an imprisoned young woman must pass a series of enigmatic tests or face a terrifying death.