The Dope Web Year 2 - Dope AF Web Series

The Dope Web Year 2 - Dope AF Web Series

10 Episodes

The Dope Web Year 2 - Dope AF Web Series

    Supa Supa, The unusual superhero normal
    guy. As he finds himself struck by The Perfect Girl’s beauty, he discovers his power: to bend and control reality thanks to pixilation.
    However, this amazing ability won’t stop him from enduring unlikely hardships in order to seduce The Girl of his dreams. ...

  • Dirty Money

    As addictions and murky loyalties swirl around them, three women desperate to escape their surroundings rob a group of drug dealers and find themselves fighting through a night that will change their lives forever.

  • Thesha Ep. 1

    Thesha is a visual trip into modern day South African youth culture, experienced through the lives of two teenaged friends who are battling with the hard choice of either staying in school or to leave and follow their music ambitions. However this choice won't be easy with their everyday reality ...

  • Oldhead: The Series

    We reunite with LA as he tries to find the balance between good and evil while he is challenged with either providing for his family or falling back into the street culture. Kareem is in a tight battle trying to stay in control of the streets as new cross-town rival Bishop has made his presence k...

  • Underground Tantrum

    A new wave of punk rap has surfaced from the underground scene of South Florida to the mainstream. Artists in the scene tell the story of the importance of collaboration, the internet, and being innovative in your craft in the very competitive and fast-paced South Florida music scene.

  • The Lost Kings

    The story of a young woman thriving in a world in which she was meant to fail. Season 1: In Baltimore, Max, copes with murder of her brother and stumbles into a conspiracy of police corruption.

  • Sneakers: It's Complicated

    This documentary explores sneakers as a way of life and also dives into the connection between Chicagoans and Air Jordans.

  • Midlife Crisis

    A middle aged man who has had past success as a rapper decides to try reclaim his past glory and makes a fool of himself in the process

  • Teacher Problems

    A starry-eyed high school teacher is determined to teach her unruly students; but with patience shorter than their attention span, she is forced to improvise through countless problems in the most outrageous of ways.

  • LoveMyRoomie

    In the aftermath of being evicted from their Harlem apartment, three social late bloomers on the cusp of self-discovery, navigate the frenzied and tumultuous rollercoaster of life in gentrified Brooklyn.