• The G.O.A.T. Awards Trailer

    Broadcasting LIVE on October 18th @ 7pm

  • Hip Hop Film Festival 2020 Private Cinemas

    The Hip Hop Film Festival presents - STORIES THAT MATTER.
    The best directors from the culture bring you stories on from every theme in the human spectrum.

  • Breaking Forth Trailer

    Ayisat is a 23yrs old, wife, seamstress, mother, and boxer living in Lagos

  • Zulu Return Trailer

    What was supposed to be a movie celebrating the accomplishments of Africa Bambatta, turns in to a voyeuristic documentation of a man trapped in the middle of a heinous scandal. What happens to an iconic DJ when, at the height of his celebrity, he is made to fall from grace? What does he do when h...

  • Fear No Gumbo Trailer

    Using the perspective and visual style she showed in 2008’s Oscar-nominated Trouble the Water, Kimberly Roberts connects her personal experience and that of her community with the wave of development and recovery projects that have “flooded” the area since 2005, leaving behind a new kind of emoti...

  • Knockout Game Trailer

    The Knockout Game: A disturbing and Brutal game amongst teens, targeting whites and immigrants in Inner city communities. Gregory wants to play.
    He wants to get in good with G-Life’s gang. He wants to be accepted and prove that he has heart. But G-Life demands he take the game to its sickest le...

  • Artifice trailer

    Immersed in the underbelly of Brooklyn, NY, a bargain between two gangsters gets cuckoo when one of the gangsters hires a voodoo worker to overthrow his rival.

  • To The Madness trailer

    Two down-on-their-luck criminals decide to move to Los Angeles and become actors.

  • We Are The Nation - TRAILER

    A compelling story and a rare glimpse into one of the world’s biggest slums

  • The Rebirth of Slick

    Naturally 7 covers Digable Planets’ hit “Rebirth Of Slick” using only their voices, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the classic hit. All the instruments, drums, horns and sounds are done vocally . This video displays the veteran group’s amazing vocal talents in a way that is incredibly “Cool ...

  • Outgrown Trailer

    Two kids let their dreams run wild as they try to sneak into the concert of their dreams.

  • HOPE Trailer

  • Fight The Power Trailer

    The Hip Hop Film Festival presents the best of it's social justice flicks from the 2018 season. From reparations, to , Black Lives Matter to taking a stand, these narratives get the official "Fight The Power" fist bump.

  • Conjure trailer

    An internet famous musician is offered a deal on the contingency that his music is infused with subliminal messages.

  • Tales From Shaolin Shakey Dog trailer

    Tales From Shaolin reinterprets the works of the Wu Tang Clan as a Shakespeare-meets-Tarantino, crime-filled action dark comedy! Using the lyrics from the song "Shakey Dog" by Ghostface Killah, Part One: "Shakey Dog" stars Stephen Hill as our narrator “Ghost” and Dominique Spencer as the quiet ye...

  • Cavities Trailer

    The year is 2002. After his abusive father punches him and cracks part of his tooth, WINSTON “WINCE” CHENG finds himself in LA without any parents or any money. His mother has left him in a desperate attempt to keep the family together. In order to make ends meet, Wince delves into the fast cash ...

  • BBoys & Beats trailer

    The best flicks to make you move featured on in May

  • Underground Tantrum trailer

    A new wave of punk rap has surfaced from the underground scene of South Florida to the mainstream. Artists in the scene tell the story of the importance of collaboration, the internet, and being innovative in your craft in the very competitive and fast-paced South Florida music scene.

  • Babylon Dreamers trailer

    An intimate story of a group of young dancers from Israel’s periphery, whose members are immigrants from former USSR, is trying to win the International Breakdance Championship. The competition is the highlight of their dreams as dancers, but as we watch them prepare, we encounter a world of cris...

  • Believe The Beat trailer

    Believe the Beat is a tender rites of passage tale that follows a crew of Brazilian street dancers. As they take their dance from city park to global stage, an independent filmmaker discovers the challenge and promise of digital storytelling.
    ​Jocelyn Edelstein's premiere, feature length docume...

  • Dirty Money trailer - 247films

    As addictions and murky loyalties swirl around them, three women desperate to escape their surroundings rob a group of drug dealers and find themselves fighting through a night that will change their lives forever.

  • Tales From The Hood trailer presents stories from where we reside...

  • Blue Diamonds trailer - 247films

    A group of friends dealing with erectile dysfunction decide to resort back to their thieving ways to solve their problem and make some extra money in the process.

  • Paris Blues in Harlem trailer - 247films

    Paris Blues in Harlem is the story of a young woman and her attempts to save her grandfather’s insolvent Harlem jazz nightclub. She has a few hours to convince her rigid elder to accept a realtor’s briefcase with mounds of cash in exchange for his nightclub. But, as time runs out, he struggles to...