The best of the Hip Hop Film Festival is on 24/

  • SIX MADMEN Trailer 2

  • Kill, Kill, Kill Trailer

  • GodChaserz Trailer

    Watch the hand of God, change a generation. Discover how the artists of Godchaserz Entertainment are using the unlikely pairing of faith and Hip Hop to disrupt the culture.

  • The One With No Obstacles Trailer

    Ani Sanyal is the son of Indian immigrants. Entranced in the world of hip hop, real estate, and creative content, he built a multi-million dollar platform in his 20s and changed his family's trajectory forever. This is his story.

  • Pray For More Trailer

  • Trust Us Trailer

    A young African American man strives to make it as a music producer within the music industry, while working a dead end call center job.

  • The Mechanic's Rose Trailer

    A sickly woman escapes the hospital and goes on precarious journey to attend her son’s graduation.

  • Formula 734 Trailer

    A group of intergenerational African American Hip-Hop artists and musicians are brought together by the Washtenaw County charter of “My Brothers Keeper” to collaborate on a Hip-Hop album. Through a shared interest in music, these African American men speak freely as they share their ideas, their ...

  • A Balcony In Brooklyn Trailer

  • Xxvisible Trailer

    Created as a time capsule of the year 2020, xxVISIBLE chronicles an Asian American struggling with the pandemic and resultant rise of Anti-Asian sentiment and violence. The film gives an unwavering look at race, politics and identity through a unique BIPOC perspective.

  • Wvoe : The Voice Of Ebony Trailer

    A documentary film about African-American ownership in radio.

  • Wounds Trailer

    Feeling responsible for the disappearance of his sister after a falling-out, a depressed man tries to overcome his demons.

  • What's The Mark? Trailer

    A black actress unintentionally participates in a racially charged commercial.

  • Unraptured Trailer

    Adira finds herself 'raptured' into the essence of the man she loves. She soon realizes that there is more to him than what meets the eye.

  • Unbrotherly Love Trailer

    Past sins are forever present.

  • Tucker's War Trailer

    A middle-aged lobbyist battles institutions of systemic oppression while her own substance use straddles the line between therapy and abuse.

  • Tik Tok Rollie Trailer

    How does human subconscious know what's real or fake? Can pain be the answer?

  • These Final Hours Trailer

    Set against the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter protests, Curtis is a young African-American struggling through his days in America, but what you see isn't necessarily the truth...

  • The Time Thief Trailer

    The Time Thief showcases the work of software engineer turned artist Steven Taylor who uses his photography to capture authentic moments that give credence to the beautiful legacy of blackness and black culture.

  • The Case Trailer

    A retired special victims detective gets pulled back into the dark world of sex trafficking to a case he thought was dead cold.

  • Sundays In July Trailer

    Sundays In July takes an intimate look at two lovers navigating the minefield of their egos, fears, and flaws to dive into the most foreign and uncharted territory- true love.

  • Sons Of Toledo Trailer

    After receiving the early morning news of his younger brother’s murder, a mourning barber pushes through the muddy waters of grief to find the courage to do the impossible - give his brother one last cut.

  • Small And Mighty Trailer

    A young veteran coping with PTSD moves in with his sister after he relapses, and finds himself wanting to be the superhero his niece believes him to be, but will his self-doubt make him the villain of his own story again?