The best of the Hip Hop Film Festival is on 24/

  • Slow Burn & The Muse Trailer

    Two songs, many years and one fruitful night tell the story of a singer/songwriter’s road to success.

  • Skool Yah Trailer

    As three young conscious rappers are bombarded with the pressures of society, each rapper struggles to decide between remaining true to themselves or compromising in an exploitative industry.

  • Shawnie Trailer

    A couple's big night takes a turn as important truths are discovered.

  • Scammer Trailer

    A scammers spendthrift ways finally catch up to him.

  • Save Yourself Trailer

    As imposter syndrome invades the dreams of this young couple's future, an untimely loss forces the end of a vicious cycle of becoming products of their environment.

  • Righteous Thieves Trailer

  • Regular Negroes Trailer

    Five roommates struggle to level up in life. In this episode, Danny and Tiffany argue over dishes.

  • Reggie And June Trailer

    After a red egg and ginger party doesn’t go as planned, a married couple becomes divided over culture and what’s best for their Afro-Asian toddler.

  • Question Trailer

    Question symbolizes the thoughts in Brittany's head as she focuses on love in order to escape and heal from a tragic event.

  • Prey To God Trailer

    After a break up, Star embarks on a weekend getaway originally planned for her and her now-ex. As the day progresses, a series of events lead her to a reality that she could have never expected.

  • Phone Jones Trailer

  • One Way In No Way Out

    When your worst idea is your best option.

  • Off Fairfax Trailer

    After a tumultuous night trying to solve a murder, three friends are led to a local diner where the answer may be staring them right in the face.

  • Not Just A Phase Trailer

    A mother struggles with acceptance while praying for her runaway daughter’s safe return. Based on a series of true life stories shared by parents who overcame their challenges accepting their LGBTQ children.

  • Merlich Merlich Trailer

    Uncle Ibrahim dies early in the morning when Karim is approaching to serve his breakfast. While the family organizes a religious mourning, Karim gets out with his cousin Myriam to get coffee. Then while Karim is having an argument on phone with his girlfriend, Myriam listens to music and has a pa...

  • Meet Your Match Trailer

    Meet your match is the story of a woman who cleverly lures in a persistent stalker into thinking that she will be his next victim. But the tables swiftly turn when he realizes he's the trick is on him.

  • Marvelous Southside Crew Trailer

    Four teenage friends from South Atlanta: DJ Taz, DJ Cutmaster, Swiff Kevin and Anthony, come of age and put their stamp on the emerging Southern Hip Hop culture that is sweeping across the South during the 1980s.

  • Manifest Trailer

    A gangster rapper returns after a 5 year hiatus and claims he's a changed man - but not everyone believes him.

  • Man Time Trailer

    A young black man is forced to decide his fate as the pressures of family and society begin to mount and jeopardize his attempt at successful reentry after a lengthy prison stint.

  • Just This Once Trailer

  • Junior Trailer

    In the early 2000’s, A high school painter suffers from depression and goes through an intense week of events.

  • Ivar Tunnel : Shook Ones Trailer

  • Ingeniuses Trailer

    Three buddies constantly stumble into wild situations, but every attempt to get out leads them deeper down the dangerous rabbit hole. Will they ever get out is the question.

  • Illville Trailer

    In this dramatic satire, a drug lord seeks revenge after a police officer murders his young nephew.